ART. 1 – Prize promoter and purpose

In association with Regione Toscana and Province of Grosseto, with the endorsement and support of City of Grosseto and City of Siena, 

Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A., in association with GAD Studio, introduce the FIRST EDITION of the FIORA PRIZE dedicated to Contemporary Art.

The announcement aim is to deepen and pursue these objectives:

given that Water must be considered world heritage, after years of partnership and cultural projects in this area, Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A. decided to get an essential role in raising issues about the future:

Water shall raise awareness in citizens.

To go after its mission, the company decided to act across-the-board being part of a difficult but well-structured multi-year cultural project. A process of comprehension and involvement will be arisen to attract social and cultural interest on the meaning, value and use of this world heritage resource.

The most powerful and straightforward instrument able to increase critical thinking and to raise awareness particularly in new generations is:


an instrument to discover reality 

and irreplaceable stirring for any innovation.


All artists are called to express their own creativity freely with any style and matter.

The main theme of the First Edition of the Prize 2019 is:




Since antiquity, Water and its multiple shapes and manifestations had been represented to mankind the ARCHE’, the origin of every living being, the element of Nature that gives life to the entire world:

our existence and ecosystem depends on water.

Water encouraged and influenced the evolution of human thinking and many disciplines dealt with it: philosophy, religion, chemistry, physics, astrology and alchemy. It was considered magical and mysterious and strictly linked to infinite symbols, senses and rituals.

As a great source of incitement for Art and Science, water seduces and inspires mankind because it represents existence, life, essence and soul:

Since the Big Bang,

water has always been the same

but meanwhile differed in its molecular structure;

its primordial energy always keeps it different

and adopting infinite mutable shapes…

In the 21st Century all certainties had a meltdown.

Great changes are coming and we are called to innovate our existence. Through intuition and mapping out new societies, Nature must be preserved by keeping high the quality of natural resources, especially water, as scientific and sociological studies recently demonstrated (such as climate changes and both natural and cultural impacts.)

According to sociologist Zigmunt Bauman, modern society in a social and political sense, is “liquid”, whose structure is fluid because of globalization and consumerist dynamics. 

So it is impossible to classify because is fleeing.

 LIQUID LIFE  casts the entire world

and all its animate and inanimate objects as objects of consumption:

that is, objects that lose their usefulness in the course of being used.

They loose utility little by little in use.

Waste is the staple and arguably the most profuse product of the

liquid modern society of consumers.


GLOBALIZATION radically changed society and is irreversible.

The contest wants to open a challenge:

  • Undermine this ceased socio-political model by means of art and culture, raising new types of motivations particularly in new generations, who will be asked to take cogent decisions to reset society.
  • “Move rough waters” by stimulating thoughts, doubts, imagination to go further prevailing opinions and rouse critical thinking and consciences.

Art is the only eloquent instrument able to unveil and analyse reality, to stir minds to foreseeing more unexpected possibilities.

Certainly, comparison with ancient and modern concepts of “liquidity” gives the clue to analyse and find a deeper sense: continuous transitions of form, from solid to liquid and gas and vice versa, are related to water and in a modern key are compared to the present socio and cultural context.

The projects chosen

must all go beyond stereotypes of water conventional image,

so  artists are asked to find their own direction through the elaboration

and expression of a new and original artistic style.



The contest is addressed to professional and beginner Italian or foreign artists, designers, architects, graphic designer, creative talents, artisans and goldsmiths. No discriminations will be done on gender, degree or job. Participants must all be come of age.  Artists can join the contest with more artworks.

The disciplines accepted are:


Any free style, technique or expression is admitted 

together with contaminations, mixed or applied arts, digital art, graphics and so on.
All supports will be accepted provided that the theme will be respected.



During the official ceremony held in Florence the 21st of February in the building of the Regional Council of Tuscany, national and international press conferences saw the launch of the FIORA ART PRIZE 2019 announcement in presence of Institutional Offices of Tuscany, City of Grosseto and City of Siena, the President, Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A. and the project curator.

The announcement is published on the web site  and will be online until 15th May 2019 together with conditions and subscription form.


The contest is addressed to budding or not artists, professionals or semi-professionals who work in a business or just need to be introduced in the professional art network.


Single project or single portfolio
3 to 5 artworks maximum, part of the same project.
The Art Commission and then the Quality Committee will judge style and personal technique, but also the attitude/ability to deal with complicated projects.

The finalists will be selected according to the images sent at the time of subscription. 

Artists can candidate only presenting artworks copyright.


 2D artworks:

Maximum 3 meters per side.

 3D artworks: 

Maximum 2 meters high, 1.5 meters length and 1.5 meters depth.

 Art Installation:

The organization reserves the right to do not accept the artworks in case of lack of space and other impossibilities.


Participants will be divided in two groups according to their age:

UNDER 29 – from 18 to 29 years

OVER 30 – from 30 to 99 years

All artists can compete with more artworks.

Each project must be signed up in the corresponding group with all required materials.


Artists can subscribe from February 21st to September 15th 2019 with the following methods:


Go to and follow the instructions outlined in the sign-up form. 

All required files must be attached.

Before connecting to the site, please set up the following material:

‣ Brief CV or bio;

‣ Brief covering letter appertaining to the theme;

Images of each project in JPEG format with maximum 1MB size and named with TITLE+NUMBER (e.g.: FormeAcqua_1) and so on;

Technical sheet and description of the project + technical sheets of each work (named and numbered in progressive order up to 5).




  • MAIL

Please go to website, sign up the apply, download the registration form, fill it out and send all documents required to the following address:

Uff. Comunicazione e Relazioni Esterne
Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.a.
Via Mameli, 10 – 58100 – Grosseto (I)


Registration form filled-out and signed;

Brief CV or bio;

Brief covering letter appertaining to the theme;

Technical sheet and description of the project + technical sheets of each work (named and numbered in progressive order up to 5);

DVD or USB containing single artwork images in JPG format with 300 dpi resolution maximum, named with TITLE+NUMBER (e.g.: FormeAcqua_1 and so on).

Applications must be postmarked by September 15, 2019.

Documents and files cannot be claimed.

La documentazione non verrà restituita.


The Art Commission will do an early selection according to the files sent during subscription.

A first selection will be done on images 

so artists are not called to send their artworks.

As fundamental criteria of selection will be considered: pertinence to the theme, equilibrium, harmony, originality, innovation, contemporaneity and freestanding creativity.

Artists admitted to the final 

will be informed by email within 8 pm of September 20, 2019.

Artists admitted to the final will be informed by email from the Prize administration and kindly requested to pay the subscription fee within 6 days of receiving the admittance, failure to comply will result in exclusion from the competition.
Afterwards, artists are invited to prepare their original artworks for shipping and to send artwork images in JPG format (max. 300 dpi) for the set up and printing of the catalogue.

All finalists are requested to pay the subscription within 8 days of receiving the admittance; 

failure to comply will result in exclusion from the competition.

Final selection results will be published in the NEWS section on the website

The Quality Committee will announce winners of both UNDER 29 and OVER 30 groups, and the Special Mentions also, during the FINISSAGE, at the end of the FINAL EXHIBITION, October 26th 2019.


A jury of experts will select artists’ projects: Art Commission, Quality Committee and Honour Committee.

Any decision taken by the Art Commission and Quality Committee is unquestionable 

and appeals will be denied.


All artworks are received, selected and analysed by the Art Commission, according to the material and images sent during registration.

Artists who have passed the first selection will be informed by e-mail within September 20, 2019 by the Prize organization.

N.B. Please note that to attest participation and admittance to the final exhibition, 

all artists are asked to pay the subscription within SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 

and to set up the original artworks for the exhibit (art.7, section B, page 7).


The Quality Committee will be made up of individuals from the worlds of art and design, culture and communication. The best artworks will be selected during the final exhibition that will take place in an historical location in the City of Grosseto. The Quality Committee will nominee winners from both groups and give the Special Mentions.

The contest is addressed to artists 

to be introduced in the professional art network. 

As fundamental criteria of the selection, 

the Quality Committee will judge style, intensity and a wise artistic flair.

Also the Honour Committee, made up of eminent representatives from the worlds of institution and business, will select the best projects together with the Quality Committee and the Organising Committee.

Winners will be published on


The subscription fee 

covers part of the professional services provided and all overheads and management fees. 

Artists will show to the Quality Committee 

not only a work 

but also a whole realistic art project, 

conceived, developed, organized and released by the Prize team.


The Art Commission will firstly select projects according to the images received during subscription. Afterwards, 100 projects will be chosen for the final exhibition in an historical and suggestive location in the City of Grosseto, in the heart of Maremma.

During the exhibit, the Quality Committee, Honour Committee, public and collectors will examine closely all artworks.

N.B. The Art Commission is allowed to choose fewer projects according to quality.


ARTISTS OR PROJECTS SELECTED for the FINAL SHOW must pay the fee corresponding to the branch chosen throughout the registration, as part of all overheads and catalogue printing costs.

  • UNDER 29 – 1° project (3 artworks minimum) ……………€. 100,00

(3 artworks in a single project)

  • UNDER 29 – 1° project (5 artworks maximum) ……………€. 150,00

(5 artworks in a single project)

  • OVER 30 – 1° project (3 artworks minimum)  …………..…€. 150,00

(3 artworks in a single project)

  • OVER 30 – 1° project (5 artworks maximum) ……………..€. 190,00

(5 artworks in a single project)

  • UNDER 29 – 2° project (3 artworks only) …….………€.   80,00

(3 artworks in another unique project)

  • OVER 30 – 2° project (3 artworks only) …….………€.   120,00

(3 artworks in another unique project)

The subscription fee must be deposited after having received the notice via email by September 28, 2019, failure to comply will result in exclusion from the competition.

Acceptable payment methods:

  • Bank transfer 
    IBAN: IT26 J061 6037 8301 0000 0003 881
    Reason: PREMIO FIORA – nome e cognome
  • Cash, together with artworks

Invoices or receipts will be issued.  /  Subscription fees will be refunded.


After having received the Admittance to Final via email, FINALISTS must pay the subscription fee corresponding to the group chosen and send the following materials within September 28, 2019:

  1. copy of the subscription payment receipt;
  2. copy of any current identity document;
  3. images in JPEG format and high resolution (max. 300 dpi) for the general catalogue set up.

All requested material must be sent to the administration by:

We Transfer, a only upload, to indicating artist’s Name and Surname

Only one sealed envelope containing all documents and images in DVD/USB at the address:

Premio FIORART / Uff. Comunicazione e Relaz. Esterne Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.a.
Via Mameli, 10 – 58100 – Grosseto (I)

All material will not be refunded.


Each finalist will achieve a section in the general catalogue, with a short presentation of expo project appertaining to theme, images of the artwork and any personal web site.

A free copy of the general catalogue will be personally given to artists during vernissage and finissage days of the finalist show in Grosseto.

In case of trials in recovering the general catalogue during the show, 

please inform us by email at the address and we will provide to send it by mail 

or courier charged to the addressee.

For further copies of the general catalogue, 

please contact us at the address at the end of the event to receive any info about costs 

and ways of shipping.


Artists having received the Admission to the Final email within September 20, 2019, paid the subscription fee and send all material for the general catalogue (failure to comply will result in exclusion from the competition) within September 28, 2019, are kindly requested to set up the delivery of original artworks.

Prize staff will install all artwork.


Artworks can be delivered personally or by courier.

Artworks must be delivered only carriage paid and at own risk and with transportations fees there and back also.

All original artworks must be delivered according to the following ways:

 please inform the organisation at – – of the shipping/delivery instructions;

 authors must sign original artworks;

original artworks must be ready to be exhibited with only one central stud, without frames*, accompanied by everything needed for the set-up (base, support, etc.) and cutline;

artworks must be shipped/delivered in unique parcel and packing;

packing must contain artworks and materials for the set-up, name and surname of the author. Staff will give it back together with the setting-up;

all original artwork must be shipped/delivered within October 2/4, 2019, to the address provided and within strictly October 7 at 12,30 a.m.

*N.B.Please note that for photographic artworks use antiglare Plexiglass.


Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the competition.

By September 28, 2019 at 8pm:

payment of subscription (Art.7/A) + materials shipped.

By October 7, 2019 at 12pm:

delivery of original artworks.


Return directions must be provided and communicated by artists at the address 

  1. collected personally at the end of Finissage and Awards Ceremony;
  2. collected by delegate with authorization approval signed by the author, during exhibit disassembling, at specified day/time;
  3. collected by courier with freight charges covered by authors, at specified day.

If artworks will not be collected will be considered as donation to the organization.



The art direction will select some artworks to be exhibit in many events, such as expo and galleries supported by the Prize team.


Artists admitted to the final event will receive:

Support, set-up, arrangement and promotion in an historical location in Grosseto;

Development and printing of promotional items such as invitations, fliers, posters, m. 6×3 banners, flags for the show;

Both Vernissage, Finissage and Awards Ceremony organization;

Professional guards and author representatives all time present in exhibition during opening hours;

Publication of artworks on the official websites of the Prize, Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A., GAD Art Factory, Instituitons, Administrations and business in partnership with Prize;

‣ Press conferences, communication and posts on all principal social networks;

‣ Realization of a general catalogue with all finalists, including personal information on artists, pictures with title, technique, size and year of execution; 

One copy of the catalogue per finalist;

Photo essay of both Vernissage and Finissage with awards ceremony on and other websites and social networks of all participating institutions;

Exhibit disassembling and restitution according to artists’ directions agreed in the subscription (collected personally or by courier).


The Quality Committee will judge artworks during the exhibition and two projects will be awarded, one per group (UNDER 29 and OVER 30). Furthermore, Special Mentions will be awarded by most worthy projects.

Winners will be awarded during the Finissage, in the location chosen by the City of Grosseto.

Final results will be published on website

Since the first edition, price pool is very high and is over 20.000 €.
It includes prizes for the acquisition of works, set up and organization of personal exhibitions and other professional services for the debut and launch in the world of exhibition and in the contemporary art market.

Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A. decided to purchase the winner artworks as act of great expression and professionalism towards both groups and as recognition of artistic worth.  Artists will also join the world of collectors and art market.

Prize acquisition value is up to 5.000€

(This Prize is a contribution to the development of art and artist’s aesthetic research)

The artworks will join the private collection of the business 

and will highlight the origin of Acquedotto del Fiora spa’s CORPORATE COLLECTION – Fiora for Contemporary Art.

Winners along with the sum of money, personal exhibitions and professional services will also gain:

‣ Critical presentation and arrangement of installation;

Support, set-up and communication of a personal exhibition in the most important museums of Siena;

Development and printing of exhibit communication materials and monographic brochures of winners, with critical presentation and art publications;

Press conferences and communication agencies of the Prize, together with Fiora and main partners, will promote winners in national, international, specialized, web and social channels;

Realization of a photo essay;

Release of the exhibition shooting on websites,

‣ Video interviews and editorial services;

‣ Participation to the communication services for the second edition of FIORART 2020.


N.B. Please note that rewarded artists can renounce to prize but will not be refunded at all. Prizes will be assigned according to the ranking list made by the committees.



Even if the organization will ensure special care to artworks, under no circumstances will it be liable for any damage to the packing on delivery, tampering, theft and fire towards artworks or third parties during all event period and warehouse storage in all places.

Artists may wish to insure the artworks themselves.


With subscription, all artists agree to grant to GAD Studio, as legal representative of Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A., the right to use all personal information also given in the website in accordance with the Italian Law (Law 675/96 and Law Decree 196/2003). All information will be used for the contest as well as public presentation of Prize, exhibitions and publications according to the organization ( and main partners websites, social networks, general catalogue, informative material and will be included in the organization database.

Any content can at all times be modified or removed according to Law Degree 196/2003.


The organization can any time modify the announcement and change work schedules, deadlines, location and dates in case of necessity.

Any decision around unspecified terms of the announcement will be irrevocable and binding.

Artists shall retain all copyrights to images and artworks but grant for free GAD Studio the right to reproduce, exhibit, display, translate and communicate to public with any way artworks and texts, winners and special mentions.

Authorized by Acquedotto del Fiora S.p.A. to manage the whole competition, in full compliance with authors’ morals holds, GAD Studio holds the above-mentioned rights as responsible for institutional communications concerning the Prize.

Candidates authorize GAD Studio and its main partners to use personal information in accordance with the Italian Law on Privacy Policy and EU Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) for database inclusions also managed by third parties.

Processing the registration form on, downloaded by the site, filled, signed and shipped by mail, implies the total acceptance of all conditions and articles presented in the regulation.

Any controversy or claim arising under, out of or relating to this regulation in case of translation, the original Italian edition will prevail. The Court of Grosseto will have jurisdiction over any disputes.


This regulation is available on the website

For further information, please contact:


 Announcement opening: ………………………………………February 21st

Announcement closing:……………………………………………September 15th

 Selections:……………………………..……….September 16 to 20

Payment of subscription fee:………..……………..….….……September 28th

File shipping:…………………….………….…..……..…September 28th

Original artworks’ shipping:…………….……………..…….….October 2 to 4

Final exhibition in Grosseto:………………October 12th to October 26th

Winner exhibition in Siena:……………………November to December